Our Best Mountain House Plans

The South is home to some truly charming mountain towns with stunning views of picturesque mountain ranges, the vibrant changing color of leaves in the fall, and the freshest air you can find. From tree-tucked quaint cottages to grand rustic retreats, mountain homes give a sense of cozy serenity no matter your worries. If you’re more into a natural, salt-of-the-earth style of living, a mountain vacation home is definitely the go-to getaway home for you. These house plans will get you started on your idyllic mountain retreat, complete with natural timber and stone accents, cozy covered porches, and (hopefully) a newfound sense of peace.

Plan SL-1534

Davidson Gap
Davidson Gap, our 2008 North Carolina Idea... READ MORE

Plan SL-1554

Blue Ridge
From the peak of its high gabled roof to the... READ MORE

Plan SL-1948

New Bunkhouse
Tiny tweaks take this classic Southern Living... READ MORE

Plan SL-1575

Boulder Summit
Fall is always a great time to soak in the... READ MORE
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