Top 20 House Plans for 2020

Sl 2000 fcp
This collection of 20 house plans for 2020 represents the top sellers from the previous year. Take a look - you just might find your dream home inside!
Sl 1375 fcp

Plan SL-1375

Tideland Haven
Sheltered by deep overhangs and a wraparound... READ MORE
Sl 1648 fcp

Plan SL-1648

Sugarberry Cottage
Craftsman and bungalow styles blend to create a... READ MORE
Sl 1832 fcp

Plan SL-1832

Four Gables
With some adjustments to the main... READ MORE
Sl 1954 fcr

Plan SL-1954

Cedar River Farmhouse
Searching for a relaxing place to call home?... READ MORE
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