House Plans "Built to Last"

Sl 1959 fcp
We've rounded up our all-time best house plans built across the South, each plan comes to life with authentic details, timeless curb appeal, and family-style comfort.
Sl 1873 fcp

Plan SL-1873

This Old House Cottage at Cloudland Station
Our first built-from-the-ground-up Idea House... READ MORE
Sl 1861 fcp

Plan SL-1861

Randolph Cottage
Williamsburg meets New England style with... READ MORE
Sl 978 fcp

Plan SL-978

Newberry Park
Classic curb appeal…Newberry Park is created... READ MORE
Sl 1859 fcp

Plan SL-1859

Garden Home Cottage
With the kitchen, parlor, and master bedroom on... READ MORE
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